McCain Silent in NH

May 24th, 2006 by Nate

When Senator John McCain recently visited New Hampshire, he conveniently refused to mention that his New Hampshire State Director pled with a judge for leniency for the Republican convicted in the 2002 Phone Jamming Scandal:

Last week, Republican lobbyist Mike Dennehy, Senator McCain’s New Hampshire State Director, sent a letter to Judge Steven McAuliffe that asked the judge for a lenient sentence and called Tobin the “the most ethical man I know” despite the fact that Tobin was convicted of multiple felonies over his role in the 2002 phone-jamming crime. The letter was the only such letter from any Granite Stater.

Dennehy’s appeal on behalf of Tobin comes weeks after Senator McCain hired Terry Nelson–Tobin’s supervisor at the Republican National Committee and National Republican Senate Committee–as a senior political strategist. Even after learning about Nelson’s possible involvement in the phone jamming scheme, McCain later said that he had “no qualms” about Nelson’s ethics and that he considers Nelson to be “a fine man” who was “very helpful to President Bush.”

No sign of the “Straight Talk Express.”  If Senator McCain was really interested in reforming the campaign process, he would not have hired staff that are closely tied to dirty campaign tricks.