McCain Returns Dirty Money

May 24th, 2006 by Nate

Seems his associates in Texas have been up to no good:

Sen. John McCain’s Straight Talk America PAC returned $20K in contributions from Sam and Charles Wyly after the STA finance team learned that the Wylys were under federal investigation for alleged tax evasion.

McCain attended a May 15 fundraiser in Austin, TX co-hosted by the Wyly brothers.

“After the checks were received from Sam and Charles Wyly, it was discovered through the normal vetting process here at Straight Talk America that a federal inquiry is ongoing into the two gentlemen,” said STA exec. dir. Craig Goldman in a statement. “Once that was discovered, we have a policy internally not to accept contributions from people in that situation, so the checks were returned.”

Good on McCain for returning the tainted money, but shouldn’t he have known beforehand that these folks were under federal investigation?

Much about a person’s character can be deduced by the company they keep.