It seemed worth investigating whether or not various aspects of the sex offense itself might distinguish the sexual psychopaths from the other offenders. One of the items studied was the age of the object of the offense. There were differences, but they were small and apparently meaningless. A possible exception to this statement concerns the aggressors vs. adults; within this offense type about half of the sexual psychopaths chose victims under twenty, whereas only about one quarter of the other aggressors did so. However, some of the difference can again be attributed to the relative youthfulness of the sexual psychopaths.

Turning to the question as to whether or not the offenders employed threat or force and whether they employed conventional preliminary behavior before seeking more specific sexual activity, we find no meaningful differences between the sexual psychopaths and other offenders.

In terms of the sexual behavior involved in the offense, some differences occur and merit discussion. Among the aggressors vs. adults and the incest offenders vs. children the sexual psychopaths less often had coitus or attempted coitus, and more often confined their behavior to genital petting. The lack of interest in or inability to obtain coitus is in accord with our findings that the sexual psychopaths in general tend to have less coitus and with fewer partners. In this connection it is interesting that more than twice as many of the sexual psychopaths as other offenders were involved in a generalized attack upon their victims without any specific sexual techniques being employed. Such an assault, with confused sexual motivation, may well have been considered a criterion of psychopathy.

The only other finding derived from differences in sexual techniques concerns the two homosexual-offender groups. In both of these there is a trend for the sexual psychopaths to use mouth-genital contact more than, and anal coitus less than, the other offenders. This finding may tie in with our contention that the homosexual offenders labeled sexual psychopaths were more strongly homosexually oriented than the other homosexual offenders. The strongly homosexual male is generally interested in fellating his partner as well as being fellated, so that his total mouth-genital activity exceeds that of the less homosexual male who is interested only in being fellated. On the other hand, while the less homosexual male often recoils from the idea of fellating another male, he is often more receptive to the idea of performing anal coitus on a male partner. In brief, the old dichotomy of the "heterosexual" male engaging in acts that cause himself to reach orgasm, but refraining from acts which would cause orgasm in his male partner, may explain this difference in sexual techniques between the sexual psychopaths and the other offenders.


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