In a calculation of the incidence of overt homosexual activity beginning at puberty and ranging up to age twenty-six, beyond which the increment is small, we find that in four of the six sex-offense types the sexual psychopaths have larger proportions of men with homosexual experience. Among the offenders vs. children, however, the sexual psychopaths display smaller proportions of experienced individuals by any age. The exhibitionists present a mixed picture.

In the light of the previous indications that in the homosexual-offense types the sexual psychopaths were more homosexually oriented than the Other homosexual offenders, it is no surprise that the accumulative incidence measure corroborates this finding. However, what is surprising are the vast differences in the incidence of homosexual experience among the incest offenders vs. children; here the proportion of sexual psychopaths with such experience is often more than double that of the other offenders.

Calculation of the median age at first homosexual activity gave no clear findings, but there is a slight tendency for the sexual psychopaths of three of the six offense types to have had their initial experience earlier in life. Two exceptions are the offenders vs. children and the exhibitionists—both, as one will recall, being the offense types for which the incidence of homosexual experience was not higher for the sexual psychopaths.

If the homosexual experience we have been measuring and discussing was rather pronounced—or at least more than incidental in nature— we could easily hypothesize that the clinicians used homosexual experience as a criterion in judging a person to be a sexual psychopath. However, what we are dealing with runs the gamut from a pronounced form to a trivial one-time event shortly after puberty. Consequently the homosexual history of many of our interviewees was of such an incidental nature as to have easily escaped clinical notice or, if found, to have been considered inconsequential. Another indication that homosexuality was not used as a criterion by the clinicians is the fact that the incidence was lower for the sexual psychopaths among the offenders vs. children. Also, it would be odd indeed had the clinicians so efficiently selected the home-sexually experienced from the incest offenders (leaving only about one fifth to one quarter) yet been unable to do so for other offense types.


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