In general, the sexual psychopaths, during their middle teens, got along with their fathers less well than did the other offenders. This relatively bad adjustment is particularly noticeable in the figures to be found in the category of "bad adjustment": here the proportions of sexual psychopaths exceed those of the other offenders in every instance, sometimes by as much as 11 percentage points.

A similar situation existed regarding their adjustment with their mothers, except that the sexual psychopath exhibitionists go counter to the trend. Some of the differences are quite large, both absolutely and proportionately. For example, among the aggressors vs. adults only 30 per cent of the sexual psychopaths reported getting along well with their mothers, whereas the equivalent figure for the other aggressors vs. adults is 63 per cent.

All in all, it is evident that a relatively poor adjustment with both parents is characteristic of the sexual psychopaths.

Another measurement of early adjustment to other individuals is the number and ratio of boys and girls the subject had as companions at ages ten to eleven. In this respect, only one over-all generalization can be made: sexual psychopaths tend to have had fewer companions of either sex than the other offenders. However, within certain offense types great differences exist between the two samples. In both homosexual-offender groups the sexual psychopaths had markedly large proportions of persons who had had no female companions and smaller proportions of persons who had had many. This suggests that they were, even at that early age, much more homosexually oriented than the other homosexual offenders. Very few of the exhibitionists who were sexual psychopaths had many female companions at ages ten to eleven (7 per cent of the sexual psychopaths vs. 38 per cent for the other exhibitionists); moreover, very few had many companions of either sex.

In summation, it appears that fewer sexual psychopaths than other offenders were able to make good adjustments with their parents and their peers.


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